Web3 for Every Business,
One Simple API

Creating a Familiar Developer Experience for Blockchain and Digital Assets

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Web3 as Easy as Web2

Gasless, Keyless, Easier Developer
Experience for Blockchain

Utilize and leverage your existing developers to integrate Web3

Advanced Smart Contract Templates

Flexible, Composable Logic, on Every Chain, for Any Developer

Integrate Web3 without requiring costly Web3 development

Bring Your Business to Web3 Without Web3 Developers

  • Real-world and asset-backed digital assets
  • On-chain data valuation and ownership
  • Proof of legitimacy and digital certificates
  • Reliable collateral data for lending systems

Bring Advanced Web3 Features
to New and Existing Assets

  • Backwards compatible with new and existing digital assets
  • Hybrid Web3 business logic connected to your existing infrastructure (CRM, E-commerce)
  • Membership, loyalty systems and Web3 gaming


Create the Best Onboarding Experience

Streamline Onboarding for Devs

  • Launch smart contracts and digital assets with on-chain data and logic through our unified API.
  • Benefit from secure key management with our MPC Provider.
  • Enable frictionless user onboarding with our gasless OpenGSN solutions. Empower developers and users to get started quickly and effortlessly.


No-code UI for Web3, For Everyone

Empowering users

  • Launch and manage powerful smart contracts effortlessly
  • Explore new recipes and utilities for digital assets
  • Maximize your wallet's capabilities

Building Open-Source Standards for Every Asset

Owl Protocol is
Backwards Compatible


Anyone can use our standards. The code for our contracts, SDKs, and UI components are open source and available to everyone.


Our contracts are fully composable and backwards compatible with all existing digital assets, which opens a wide range of new utilities and possibilities.


Imagine a world where every digital asset can have its own data, and can be integrated easily through one simple API and platform.

Partners & Collaborations

Partnerships, Grants and Technology Partners

Faster Time to Launch

Build with the right tools


Speed to market

Our low-code solution and REST API helps you get apps and games to market faster without needing blockchain engineers.


Cost reduction

Focus on building a great business, without the need for spending on blockchain R&D, which is still hard to find as it is a new industry.


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