APIs and Zapier for Easy Integration

Blockchain API that Just Works

Abstract the Complexities of Blockchain, And You Don't Even Need to Touch Crypto!

API-First Experience for Developers

Intuitive and simple API, no signing, confirmations, or complexity
No upfront blockchain fees, just call the API and let us handle it
Automate your on-chain data sync with Zapier, SDKs, and more
Easily manage your smart contracts with our admin dashboard

Create Web2 Native User Experiences

Intuitive User Onboarding

Create blockchain accounts for users with just an email
Social logins by default for easy onboarding
Design intuitive interfaces using our UI components
Set-up auto-payments, one-click purchases and more!

Full Business Solutions
and End-to-End Integrations

Integrate Web3 Into Any Platform

Create Digital Items with Real Live Data
Deploy on-chain digital items and sync data effortlessly with your application using either our API or Zapier.
Connect Your Brand With The Millions of Web3 Users
Onboard and expose your brand to the millions of users already on blockchain, while keeping a seamless experience for your users.
Add Blockchain Features For Your Users
Supercharge your membership or reward program with Web3 digital identities, true ownership, and long-term engagement.
Unlock the Vast Web3 Ecosystem for Your Business
Easily connect your applications to the millions of decentralized applications and trillions in market value in blockchain.

Permissionless and Open

Deploy your Web3 integrations either partially or fully to public blockchains giving you visibility to other brands and projects to easily propose and build further integrations with you.
Open and Composable
Our smart contracts are open-source and there is zero vendor lock-in, giving you peace of mind that as your project evolves, you have the freedom to build with anything.
Fast, Especially on L2s!
Build on the fastest Layer 2+ blockchains or deploy your own app chain, and our smart wallet transaction bundler technology gives you the highest throughput possible.

Save Costs, Execute Faster

Speed to Market
Low code solution and REST API gets apps and games to market faster without complicated Web3 engineering.
Improved Developer Onboarding
Leverage your existing developers or quickly up-skill new hires for Web3 using our industry standard API.
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