Redefining Gaming

Bind Your Player's Web3 Accounts and
Build Intuitively With Our Simple REST API

Frictionless Player Onboarding

Complete Wallet APIs
Authenticate your players through our gaming plugins
and create immersive experiences in Web3.
Social & Email Logins
Bind your player's web3 wallets with their social login
and create seamless experiences like never before.

Advanced On-Chain Features

Dynamic NFTs with Data Standards
In-game items and gear can be updated, evolve, change, or be combined, all easily triggered by player activities through our APIs.

Go even further and create on-chain rules for state changes with our latest smart contracts to grow the trust in your NFT ecosystem or metaverse.
Crafting Systems On-Chain
Engaging crafting mechanics powered by secure on-chain recipe contracts.

Upgrade these recipes and rules with our cutting edge Diamond EIP-2535 contracts, or revoke permissions and create lasting value and trust.

The OWL Advantage

Multi-Chain Capable
Support cross-chain tokens and NFT portability through generalized bridges.
New Revenue
Unlock emergent monetization like NFT trades and token-gated experiences.
Scalable Infrastructure
Our state of the art transaction bundlers are optimized for reliability and uptime.

Realize Your Vision

Production APIs
Integrate blockchain functionality into any game through versatile and powerful APIs.
Dedicated Support
Reach out and our specialized gaming consultants can assist your game throughout technical buildout and launch.
Let’s Connect
Partner with Owl Protocol to combine blockchain innovation with immersive gameplay universes.